Some Other Games That A Good Rummy Player May Enjoy Equally

People in different parts of India enjoy different variations of rummy card game. The beauty of this game is that it is easy to learn as well as teach. People who love rummy tend to love some other games too. Here we have listed out which other games may interest people who enjoy indian rummy online games. We have also tried to explain why these games may interest rummy players for sure.

Mendicot-Because This Game Too Requires Strategizing

Most rummy players enjoy strategizing. That is the reason they play rummy online free without cash simply to enjoy strategizing. Mendicot, yet another card game popular in India, also requires a good level of strategizing. The purpose of the game is to get hold of all the tens. This is a team game and each player needs to strategize his moves if the team has to win the game. The game requires good observation and analysing skills. It is a great game to keep the mind active.

Jigsaw Puzzles-Because the Game Relies on Organising

It is known to all that rummy winning depends greatly on organising skills. A player who has good organising skills will win rummy card games easily. That is why a player of rummy may also enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles online or offline. If you know a friend who enjoys ultimate rummy online play, you can send them invites to solve jigsaw puzzles without hesitation. In most cases, they will end up solving those puzzles in a jiffy.

Mensa Puzzles-Because These Help to Sharpen Your Mind

For people who seek challenges as they play rummy card games, there are many alternative options that are equally mindboggling. A person who likes to win money playing games like rummy online would also like challenging Mensa Puzzles that make you think and rack your brains. The beauty of mensa puzzles is that each is different from the other. These puzzles challenge the intellect and thus broaden your horizon. They provoke you to think logically. They are an ideal pick for all those who hope to exercise their grey matter through such games.

Kakuro- Because this too helps add to calculative skills

A good player of online rummy free game to win real money should have good calculative skills too. This is the reason why such players will also enjoy playing games like Kakuro that improve your calculative skills. Kakuro is a Japanese number game that provokes you to think and calculate properly. It maybe referred to as a number crossword. The game is interesting and helps develop brain cells.

Quick Quizzes- Because these too help to divert the mind

Some people opt to play rummy between their hectic work schedules simply to diver their mind. They know rummy is a great stressbuster and playing a few rounds of rummy can help them think more clearly. Since most of the indian rummy online games help to de-stress, this is a great choice for people who have extremely hectic work schedules.

Drawing Apps- Because these too act as good stressbusters

Some rummy players are simply artistic. They play the card games simply to explore the different ways in which the cards are designed artistically. They enjoy the look and feel of the cards and think a few rounds of rummy won’t do them any harm. Drawing apps can help to bring out the creative best in you. This is why a good rummy player may also love using different drawing apps online. They may also enjoy coming up with unique card designs customised to peculiar tastes.